Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Better late than never.

Wow, it has been nearly three weeks since our trip ended and we were shuttled back into real life. I am going to try and re-create our trip from the memories that I have. The kids are all back at school now and life is getting busy again so this will be from my muddled brain.

Guess I should go back to Port Augusta where we spent our first night. We had a ball, laughed, ate, set things up and scratched our heads at how things were really suppose to work with the Motorhomes. I think we did a pretty good job though and had things sorted fairly quickly. The boys were great at playing chef for the first time and cooked up a storm at the BBQ while the girls helped to set up the tables and chairs and make up some salad after they had had a swim in the pool. That certainly put a smile on their faces. It was lovely sitting under the awning enjoying dinner in the evening and starting to feel as though our holiday had really started.
Once we had finished cleaning up and sitting around talking for a bit, it was decided that bed was the next best thing as we had a big day ahead the next day. Not a problem except when it came to making up the bed out of the table in Nita's MH, we were completely stumped. Could not figure it out at all, so around the park we went trying to find somebody who had a MH like hers. We were in luck and found a lovely gentleman who came and showed us exactly where everything was and gave us some other pointers also. So shower, pj's and bed. I was surprised how well I slept and how comfortable the beds actually were. We were a little worried as we were parked near the highway and I thought we might have been kept awake with the sound of the huge transport trucks going by but never heard a thing. It had been a big day.
Next morning seen us really becoming MH dwellers with a little umm I will say discussion on who was going to empty the toilet cassetes out. We all determined that this was a boys job and I won't say willingly but they did go and do it without too many grumbles. It was easy as we were staying at the Big4 CP and they have their own dump site. Excellent CP and would certainly recommend it. Spotlessly clean and good sized sites.
Next thing to do was fill up and hit the highway. Well this was a source of more laughter. Not from us but from the elderly gentleman in front of me. He filled his car up, went to pay for the fuel, all good, but then he got lost, I have no idea where he went or what he thought he was doing and then he appeared from nowhere and started to have a chat with all those waiting to fill up or filling up. Suddenly he came over to me and apologised and told me he had forgotten what he was doing there. He just sometimes forget. Hmmm a bit of a worry as he got in his car and drove off.
So off to the Stuart Highway we went. It was great. The scenery was fantastic, it continually changed and when I seen the first hint of red soil I was estatic. The only problem was Nita and I found  it was a little lonely as we could not oooo and arrr over things, well we did but the kids were not as interested as we were. They seen hills and dirt we seen the beauty of the landscape. Guess that comes with age and the appreciation of life. We were heading toward Coober Pedy.
The strong head wind seen us  lucky to hit 80km and certainly drained the fuel tanks. We stopped at Glendambo for fuel and had lunch there along with a lot of other travellers. It was a good break but the day was slipping away and so onward we went to Marla for more fuel and then into Coober Pedy.

Luke divining for opal in the underground tour.
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Playing footy sitting down because the kids were not allowed to run and kick the ball at Riba's.
We stayed at Riba's, about 5km out of Coober Pedy for the night. I had booked this spot thinking it would be something different for the kids to experience with an underground tour included in the price. I would not stay there again. The place was once again spotless and we could not complain about the amenities at all, the owners were lets say, not the most welcoming, and it was not long before the kids were told off for kicking the football around. They were not being noisy or distrupting others as there was only bare ground around but still they were told off, and then we went on the tour, I have to admit that it was the most boring tour that I have ever been on and so it was great when it was over and we all headed straight to bed. It had been a big day and we were all very tired and just a little bit irritable.  I think the full moon did not help things either.

It is a long road ahead.

Well I thought maybe I could make a little on the way and then thought
no Sharon you would have to fork out so best we get on the way again.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Trying to update.

Well here we are at Uluru, Ayers Rock to  me and loving it. We have had a really busy week with little to no time for the computer. Sorry about that everyone. So here goes with an up date from day one.

Day 2 we left Adelaide later than we anticipated due to the late arrival of one of the Motorhomes. We had one ready so packed that up with what we could and got that one organised, unpacked my car and than took the cars over to the Adelaide airport for long term parking. First giggle fest of the trip, signs everywhere to saying that the long term parking was full so proceed to overflow parking, well that took us around and around the round about, into the staff parking area, Nita 4wd to get out of there, I had to reverse up and then some poor guy had to back up to let me out. I then had a brain wave, ahhhh the weekend has just finished so I am sure there will parking there so in we went and found parking. We laughed to the bus back to the terminal to pick up a taxi to go back to the MH(motorhome), the line was as long as all get out but seemed to be moving quick enough, we thought about walking back, but then decided against it. So back to the MH and quickly packed stuff into the second one and off we went. Ok second giggle fest, I had no idea how to drive a semi auto car, just as well Blair was in the front seat and could instruct me on how to do it, got lost but all turned out well and off we went under Blair's expert navigation skills.
We travelled to a stop just outside of Pt Wakefield to have lunch. All good until I got locked in the toilet of the MH, Nita laughed so much she almost peed herself, finally I was released and we continued. Next disaster, there was no power in Nita's MH, rang back to Maui, and they were sending somebody out to see what it was, however we waited so long finally Nita worked out that the 12V had tripped itself and she reset it and we were off again. Umm that was until I could not get my MH to work. It would not start, great, rang Maui again and it turned out that I had turned the thing off in gear and in a VW one cannot do that. So after instructions and me getting a little up tight with it all we were away. On our way to Port Augusta.We decided to book  into a Caravan Park for the night as we had to charge up batteries and just get use to everything. Booked into the Big4, spotlessly clean, and really quiet and well set up. The two boys cooked dinner on the BBQ, we cleaned up and off to bed. Well that turned out to be a drama also, we had no idea how to make the bed from the table in Nita's MH. We scoured the CP for another one the same as hers and found a lovely gentleman who helped up with some little tips on different things and put the bed together for Geordan. At last sleep. It had certainly been an eventful day. All was good and we were looking forward to the next day. The kids were good and were tired and slept well.
I am having trouble uploading pics at present so will try again tomorrow night. Wait for more encounters with the intrepid travellers.

Eating lunch just out of Pt Wakefield

Trying to update again.

We are at Uluru at present. Well Ayers Rock to me, and it is wonderful. It is like being back home again. There is somthing  magic about this place, a calmness even amongst the chaos of a full camping ground. So maybe I will start with a backwards blog this time. I have started to update three times now and it has not worked so will try again this morning, maybe the computer will feel better after a sleep also.
We arrived yesterday around lunchtime and after deciding that all the Grandies needed was a rest we spent the afternoon sitting around talking and watching the colourful parade of fellow travellers arrive and set up camp. There are certainly many ways to travel and see this wonderful country. All very interesting and there are so many hired motorhomes on the road seems everybody has a budding grey nomad waiting inside to be released.
Yesterday we travelled from Erlunda to Uluru via the Lasseters Highway. Wonderful, we got off to an early start and watched the countryside go by, with huge eagles having breakfast on fresh prey, cattle in the distance and hawks being very busy. At around o'clock we decided that a free camp area was the place to take a break for a cuppa and let the kids set of some energy and steam with a game of footy.
It was a good break but of course we had to move on to the Rock. Driving through the country, we started to notice the landscape really change, surprising for no rain there is a lot of foliage out there, but then it changed to a blackened mess. Red sand hills, and dead black trees, there had been a large fire go through this area for miles on end. It was an eerie feeling to be driving through the country like that. Of course I was waiting for the sight of the first monlithic rock that appears on the horizion, Soraya,

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Day 1, Adelaide.

Well we are finally on our way. After almost forgetting the meat this morning and having breakfast at McDonalds we left Mt Gambier. It was an uneventful trip to Keith, one that has been taken many times before, so a comfort stop at Keith, and something to eat and drink again before heading up the Dukes Highway to Adelaide.
In Nita's car I think it was fairly quiet with Luke sleeping most of the way after working late last night and Geordan is a pretty quiet girl anyways. In Sharon's car it was once again fairly quiet with Blair watching a movie and Soraya playing games on her phone. The traffic was heavy with people leaving Adelaide for the school holidays I assume and we started to see some football traffic catching up with us, from Melbourne.
Next stop Tailem Bend, this is where things started to get interesting, when I decided to get my purse and could not find it. I thought I had left it in Keith and then would have to return to hopefully retrieve it, but no, thank goodness for Soraya, she found it behind a box in the back seat. Heart settled again and after some discussion we decided to continue on into Adelaide as there really wasn't anyone that hungry.
A good run into the city and to the motel on Anzac Highway. Cars unpacked and then off to Harbour Town for some shopping and lunch. This afternoon was spent with the kids not too happy with their Grandy because she would not let them go for a swim. My thoughts it was too cold and really I did not want to have a pile of wet clothes to cart off tomorrow. So really a quiet afternoon and evening will be spent ready for the trip ahead of us.
Looking forward to hitting the road tomorrow and exploring the country between here and Pt Augusta.


Here are the motley crew on our first day at the motel. The first two are of Nita and then Sharon with the kids. The last picture is of the kids trying to make me feel guilty because I won't let go for a swim, so we will just sit around and look really sad, umm it did not work.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Count down really on now.

Just over a week to go before we head off. The trip is becoming real now and the excitment is building. The spare bed is beginning to look like a thrift shop with all sorts of bits and pieces on it ready to pack. The big thing is to try and think of things that we may need and then not to overdo it too much.
Nita and I have started with the shopping of non-perishables and trying to think ahead. This week is going to go in a flash with trip preperations and doing the normal things that have to tended to at home.
The weather is looking great up north and it will make a lovely change from the coldness of the South East.
The kids are excited and are talking about what they might want to do and see and because they have never been up that way before it is all going to be very new to them and I really hope interesting. I am sure it will be a trip they will not forget and neither will the Grandmothers.
Full steam ahead now.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Only 2 weeks to go.

We are on the countdown now. 15 sleeps to go before we head off on our adventure. The clothes are being sorted, the menu still to be planned completely, and the excitement is building.
Having been away last weekend on a mini touring weekend with a friend from Melbourne, I am so looking forward to hitting the road in the Motorhome. This will certainly be a test for me, as far as if I think I will be able to hack being on the road full time. I know travelling with my cousin and 4 teenagers will be different from travelling on my own, I believe it will still give me a  little insight into life in a MH and on the road.
Oh it is my dream to sell up and take on the grey nomad lifestyle full time. This has been a dream, planning, investigating and salivating at others adventures for nearly 12 months now. So hopefully it will not be too long before it all comes to fruitition.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Only a month to go.

Today the 24th August leaves us just one month to go before we head of up the track on our adventure. We are all getting very excited now and there is a lot of last minute planning that needs to start to happen.
Mainly a food list, although I think Nita might have that just about organised, I have done the spreadsheets for the itinery for the families so they can keep track on us and keep up to date. The spare bed is starting to have things placed upon it, like clothing, and bits and pieces that are to be taken.
We have checked out the Motorhome last weekend in Adelaide. We were lucky enough to be at the pick up point when there was one similar to the one we should be getting in the yard. I have to admit once we stepped inside I did not want to leave and could have taken off then and there. Guess there may have been 4 younger people that would have been a little peeved if we had done that.
All is looking good for the launch date, we have booked our accommodation for the night before and the night we arrive back, settled on parking our cars at the long term car park at the Adelaide Airport. Seems to be the most convienent and cheapest at this point in time. Just looking forward to seeing some sunshine and warmer weather.
This will be me jumping out of my skin once we hit the road. I am sure Nita will have a similar expression.